Ok, this is simple: the people who want to create something related to The Punk Boy's Aneurysm are absolutely invited to do it. After the end of each chapter, uploaded in a post which will be useful as interlude to the beginning of the next one, I'm going to post the drawings, photos, collages, pin-ups and collaborations that YOU (yeah, you, no matter who you are) will send me to decorate, expand and improve The Punk Boy's universe.

    So, these specifications are important:

    1) the illustration/collage/photography/whatever has to be made into 1024 by 683 pixels (width and tall respectively)... if you prefer to work on real scale, let me tell you: I work on a live area made of 10,5 inches (width) by 7 inches (tall). You can work on any size you like, but you have to respect these scales.

    2) send the stuff to renzopodesta@yahoo.co.uk attaching

    • - full name (or pen-name or MSN Messenger Nickname, in case you are too shy)
    • - url of your work or personal pages or blogs or portfolios or Facebook pages or Tweeter addresses. If you don't are into the illustration or comic or photography or graphic design's world, then send me an url about what you like. The whole idea is to spread YOUR work, to spread MY work, to spread US.

    3) You don't have to be super professional (despite the fact you'll see some of the best around here... except Frank Miller)... if you're doing anything except to watch porn and you have a webcam or if you have minimal knowledge about Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then anything is possible. This is a punk comic, ok? so... Do it yourself, bitch!

    4) This is for free. I'm doing it for free, my translator is doing it for free and I'm using free resources. Don't expect money.

    5) This call will be open while the webcomic is open. So I'm gonna spread the word, you have to be sure about that. Are all, ALL, invited.

    6) You can send all the pictures you want.

    I'll be looking forward your stuff.

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