• Chapter 4, Episode 7

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    1. This is a very neat comic! A friend of mine sent me the link today. I'm currently working on a comic of my own. I wrote the script, 55 pages, and am looking for artists to donate 1 page each. I'm a brain aneurysm survivor and I'm doing this book to tell a superhero story with that subject matter. We're going to put together an 90 page graphic novel and sell it for $10, with all proceeds going to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Contact me if you are interested and when you put up new pages of this! I enjoyed it :)


    2. Wow, thanks for the kind words man! I'm glad you are enjoying TPBA. This webcomic is updated each Tuesday, so feel free to visit me every week to read the crazy journey of No, Dirthead and friends ;)

      About your project, congratulations! It seems to be something really nice to follow. I'm dealing with a lot of work lately and I'm barely able to update TPBA weekly, so I think I'm gonna pass for the moment. However, please keep me updated about the project and I'll be more than pleased to spread the word. Just visit my blog (http://renzopodesta.blogspot.com) and we'll be on touch!

      All the best and thanks again.

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